Melissa tinkerbell flats.

Say hello to my newest shoe crush.

Tinkerbell flats by Melissa!

Tinkerbell flats by Melissa!

But first, I digress. When jelly shoes were first in trend I found them terribly ugly and cheap looking, especially the transluscent ones. It was only until I saw this pair of Melissa flats that I went to buy a pair.

My very first pair of melissa jellies

My very first pair of melissa jellies

I like the classic look and unique design. And I feel it looks less tacky.

Well, that pair had lasted me for a few years and I continued to wear them even after the jelly shoes trend died down (THANK GOD), and I must say they were pretty comfy flats which were rain-friendly (its made out of plastic people!) and didn’t wear out easily.

Plus, melissa jellies has this very candy-like smell when you first buy them. Not sure how to describe them, but yeah, adds on to the retail experience. Plus, did you know they are made out of PLASTIC? Recycled plastic. Cute, soft and eco-friendly, what more can you want?

Now, back to the crush and the dilemma.

Which shoe looks better? Black or green? I know green’s not a common colour for shoes but hey, green’s Tinkerbell’s colour and I couldn’t really stomach the rest of the colours (so off!) Plus, I thought green would make for a fun colour when paired with floral dresses and such.

Black or green?

Black or green?

Melissa shoes can be found at ASOS, Topshop (can anyone verify? They’re on the website), Novo and Dulcefig at Haji Lane. (I only saw black.)


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